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June 3, 2023


Photos by Sean Roney
Greenfield High School Class of 2018 cheers as they prepare to receive their diplomas at the June 2 commencement ceremony. Below, Valedictorian Rosa Sanchez reflects on her journey to get to graduation.


GREENFIELD — Greenfield High School stadium was packed Saturday morning with full seats and standing crowds to celebrate the graduation of approximately 160 students.

“You can and will go forth and change the world. You have everything you need to be successful inside of you. You must simply look and find it,” said Principal Frank Lynch as he congratulated the graduating class.

Lynch reminded the students of the importance of overcoming life’s challenges.

“Some of you will get to your breaking point. When you face these challenges in your life and you must decide whether to go on or give up, remember that the future lies inside each and every one of you,” he said.

Valedictorian Rosa Sanchez spoke of her own life challenges, of working in the fields all summer and many weekends.

“Although I still work on Saturdays and sometimes Sundays, I use every minute that I have to focus all my energy on school,” she said.

“Each of you students wouldn’t be here without having shown some kind of effort and determination,” said Salutatorian Pedro Gutierrez Jr. “Class, by sitting here this morning we are proving that all of that hard work, patience, perseverance, and all-nighters due to our infamous habit of procrastinating, haven’t been for nothing.”

He noted the potential opened by the diplomas and the role high school played in the lives of the graduates.

“I have to confess that about a year ago, I was planning on ditching graduation,” Sanchez said. “I was a dreamer, so I was really scared to stand up here in front of you guys today.”

She went on to speak of the friendships and guidance from teachers who helped her in her journey.

“I would like to thank every teacher and staff member on this campus for making learning possible,” said Sanchez.

She used her speaking time to read messages from other students in the Class of 2018 before closing, “I realized that I didn’t only make friends in this class, I made family.”

To the roar of the crowd, Gutierrez said, “These are our future nurses, doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, social workers, business executives, farmers, and even teachers, who will one day go on to inspire others.”

Lynch commented on the potential held by the students, saying, “It is my hope today sitting in these seats are a cure for cancer, the architect of peace in the world, and the end of diabetes. I implore you all to leave the safety of home and allow yourselves to be challenged and fail miserably and often. Then get up, dust yourself off and get back to work. Because you have many problems to solve and successes to find.”


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