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July 13, 2024

Letters to the Editor | Published Nov. 27, 2019

Editor’s Note: We welcome Letters to the Editor of local and general interest to our readers. Letters should be typed and include the writer’s first and last name, home address and phone number for verification. No anonymous letters will be printed. Letters may be edited for length, clarity and libel. Send letters via email to [email protected], or mail them to 522-B Broadway St., King City, CA 93930.

Gifts from Mee

South Monterey County residents: Is your gift list starting to stress you out? Overwhelm your thoughts? Strain your budget? With the Christmas holiday looming large in the deepest reaches of our brains, we are at times driven by thoughts of how to achieve that ultimate sense of shopping relief by heading to the larger cities in our county or even further north or south, hoping to complete our appointed tasks as soon as possible.

At another level, we may be driven to seek the inspiration of internet shopping to enjoy that same ultimate sense of shopping relief, knowing that either method has its pluses and minuses. Oh, we mull over almost every detail, turning the once somewhat enjoyable activity into a mind-numbing race to the end point — that line that goes: “I’m finally finished!” Just contemplating the positives and negatives can be exhausting and time consuming.

Moreover, we lose that sense of involvement and personal fulfillment as we just “get the job done.” In numerous ways, this is not what we had hoped when we launched ourselves pell-mell into the traffic jams, no parking places, quest for carts torture to complete our yearly gift-giving obligation. Surely there must be an easier way, at least for some of the items.

Well, there is. Those of us who call South Monterey County home have options that we might not realize exist. We must think outside the box — the small independent stores in our small cities and those shops whose names never even come to mind — a local shop that will save trouble, time and pressure. One solution to investigate is the local hospital’s gift shop. Those purchases bring more than a gift; they also support important projects at that hospital.

Just check out “Gifts From Mee” at Mee Memorial Hospital, 300 Canal St., in King City. Among the many unique items are seasonal decorations available to brighten the home for many years to come. In addition, the shop stocks See’s Candy, a holiday favorite that will bring joy to any recipient (and the shop is much closer than See’s Candy stores in Salinas). Finally, “Gifts From Mee” stocks reasonably priced jewelry, scarves, baby items, unusual men’s products, personal treasures and unique wall decor.

Run by the Service League, this special gift shop is one of the chief fundraising tools for the volunteer group. Profits go to the purchase and donation of necessary equipment at the hospital, as well as other needs. For example, the Service League awards scholarships yearly to college students who pursue careers in the health field; recipients received a total of $7,000 last June.

Moreover, we supplied funds for a variety of programs that enhance the care and outreach to patients, their families, newborns and staff. The group has also sponsored the Daisy Award for nurses. We are even members of the King City Chamber of Commerce.

In the last year, the organization purchased a special warming unit for babies and a new traction unit for physical therapy. Currently, the volunteers have approved the purchase of a device to assist in drawing blood from the tiny veins of newborns, enabling said blood draws to be performed more easily and painlessly.

Come by the gift shop to see the unique items available to help you have a Happy Holiday.

Pepper Ruiz
Service League Member, King City

Introducing Deputy Phil

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to one of our local Monterey County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

Deputy Sheriff Philip “Phil” Farley has been on the job for over 24 years. He has always had examples of the best way to be an effective patrolman from his family of law enforcement officers and those in our military; brothers, uncles and other fine relatives.

Deputy Phil plans to continue to work patrol, where he can do some good. He and the other deputies believe our South County people are theirs to protect. I’ve heard it said that duty is part of the job; but the truth is, duty is the job.

Recently, I was told about a child of a deputy sheriff, police officer or highway patrol person; it’s probably true, or should be. Some background: Most men and women whose tools are guns come to realize that the life they choose can be hard on their families. Knowing this, the story sounds truthful.

This child, a girl, is proud that her daddy is an officer, but she worries about the danger. Sometimes he works late and she can’t sleep. Later, she hears the sound of velcro being pulled apart. Now she can sleep; daddy’s home.

J.J. Burnes
King City

Contributed Photo | Monterey County Deputy Sheriff Philip Farley

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Staff Report
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