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September 26, 2021

Good to grow

New-news: What you have read or heard about the pot money and it’s going to solve all our problems? The plan on how to use it and places it is needed is interesting. I wonder how it has been decided it will be so good and to grow. It falls right in line bringing King City in Bloom, as the theme in a way.

New-news: While not sure to understand how these taxes that are collected and will stretch as far as to fill all the demands. When I learned of the county tax money said to ease budget woes and where to use first and in what order, it will be hard and chose. Also I have heard folks are now willing to say it is a mistake for King City. However to allow it, was there really a choice and, too good not to grow or be left behind? Sounds good I admit as “Monterey County will use marijuana tax money to find jobs, previously facing cuts,” I quote news from my morning paper.

New-news: Attending the city council meeting Margarita Lopez spoke and asking there is a need of police awareness of the neighborhood regarding the number of fireworks set off recently and after 10 at night. Because the row of homes there have very old shake roofs and where there could be a disaster and might even take out a block should it catch fire. There has been more patrol since.

New-news: I am always interested in the use of the airport and here is a request to be used. Although on the agenda last council meeting, there was not enough info to decide an acrobatic flight stunt request. It’s regarding liability insurance limit at La Mesa Del Rey Airport, and to use the runway for practices for an acrobatic flight stunt. The stunt would involve landing an airplane on top of a truck. The request is from Eric the son of Sean Tucker, owner of acrobatic flight school. The Airport Advisory Committee asked it be approved. It would require insurance for liability coverage involving FFA approval, a sign waiver form from city attorney’s office and is to be continued. I spoke of concern about the noise over my kitchen window, and was told it is a very small plane, so not to worry.

New-news: The update on citizen code enforcement advisory board met June 27. A number of places had been listed as need to improve. Some have and others not. Street parking and leash laws were also discussed. It was my opportunity to meet Paul Hodges replacement for Acting Chief Building Inspector Joe Strasser.

New-news: In the agenda there is the confirmation of election and appointment of King City Volunteer Fire Department officers and engineers. In my last column I wrote about two joining the Planning Department and do it as they too care and are volunteers. Then the mention of Chief George Young and Fire Assistant Chief Russ Nichols, and once again continue to serve our city. I feel we are very lucky. The Department has a number that volunteer on what could be a very dangerous position. Joining there are 12 and my reason to mention is in appreciation as they take it on and do it by choice.

Old-news: Is it true? Yes, he is back. Has anyone seen Waldo or Matthew Arnett, as he has started a business and using the news that he once reported on KRKC. He calls it “Newshound” and it is kinda a cute name and a feeling he just might be. I gather news the hard way attending and sitting through meetings until finished. Mine by choice too.

New-news: Too late to ask if you will go? In the letter to the editor Susan Raycraft of Lockwood asked we join her on June 30 and to stand together at the entrance of King City. To show South County and King City does care and stand under a banner, Families Belong Together. There are better solutions for the problems created by society over decades and found mistreating the most vulnerable among us. Susan, it may be too late to stand, but the support your asking on these Independence Days is the right thing to do.


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