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New officers join Greenfield Police

GREENFIELD — Justin Mattke and David Flowers were ushered into the Greenfield Police Department on April 13 as the latest police officer recruits.

“Having David and Justin join our police department is really significant for us,” Acting Police Chief Gregory Allen said. “They represent individuals that have been successful in law enforcement and they have experience, yet they chose to leave other agencies to come here to Greenfield.”

Allen said the fact that other law enforcement personnel were willing to join the Greenfield Police Department spoke to the reputation and the fine police work of its officers established in the past two years.

“It’s really significant that we get experienced officers, officers who are talented and who can add to our police family coming here,” Allen said. “Our police department really is part of the fabric of our community and you can see that in a lot of the community activities that we participate in.”

Flowers is originally from San Diego, Calif., before moving to Monterey and graduating from North Monterey High School. He previously worked for the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office in the Custody Operations Bureau and is a volunteer with the sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team.

“I chose because I started doing ride-alongs when I was working at the Monterey County Jail and I wanted to experience patrol,” Flowers said. “I set up a ride-along with Greenfield, and from the moment I walked through that door the officers that I met were very welcoming.”

Flowers said that after seeing how the Greenfield Police Officers worked together, he put in an application. He was sworn in on Friday.

Flowers celebrated his introduction into the Greenfield Police Department with his wife, Kelly, and his children. His daughter Kaylen pinned his badge.

Mattke was born in Upland in San Bernardino County. His father, John, worked for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department as a sergeant for 28 years.

Mattke attended Sultana High School, where he was a police explorer. He worked for the San Bernardino Sheriff’s for three years and continued his education at Victor Valley Community College. He furthered his education at Union University Institute by earning a degree in criminal justice management.

“I came from Southern California and loved it down there, but I honestly never saw the closeness and the family that I’ve seen here in Greenfield,” Mattke said. “I’m excited to get going with that and I’m excited to be part of this family.”

Mattke served in the U.S. Army and most recently worked in the Custody and Control Specialist for the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office.

Mattke’s badge was pinned on by his daughter, Jasmine.

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