Greenfield joins Monterey Bay Community Power

GREENFIELD — The City of Greenfield is joining the larger regional effort to bring clean energy to its customers. On March 28, the City Council entered into a Joint Powers Agreement for the formation of Monterey Bay Community Power.

The Joint Powers Agreement would be in charge of aggregating all the power demands of the member communities, marketing that power demand to power sources and providing green power use that would be similar or better than PG&E.

The rates will be equal or less than current rates for energy. The project has been underway for the past three years and the list of participants ranges from the County of Santa Cruz to San Benito and Monterey County. Greenfield is one of the last communities to join the Monterey Bay Community Power.

“The City of Greenfield would be the 18th city to approve this out of 21 in the region,” said Representative of Monterey Bay Community Power Jenny Johnson. “I see a great deal of collaboration among the city managers and the Salinas Valley Council members.”

Johnson said in her experience with this project she sees a desire from the cities for communication and collaboration about energy sources.

The Governance Board for Monterey Bay Community Power will be made up of jurisdictions within the three counties and board membership is according to population. Jurisdictions with a population greater than 100,000 will have a certain number of votes. Populations with fewer than 50,000 people share a seat on the Governance Board.

The board is 11 members and the City of Greenfield would share its seat with other members of the Salinas Valley, with the exception of King City, which is going with an individual Community Choice Aggregation. The Governance Board seats are two-year terms.

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