Pinning the badge

Greenfield firefighters wait to receive their badges during a badge-pinning ceremony at the Sept. 25 Greenfield City Council meeting. Below, Assistant Chief John Sims (right) is recognized for being part of the Greenfield Fire Protection District and now the Greenfield Fire Department since 1983. (Photos by Samantha Bengtson)

11 firefighters receive their badges for city fire department

GREENFIELD — Greenfield firefighters were officially given their badges Sept. 25 to ring in their time as part of the City of Greenfield.

Greenfield Fire Department faced tough situations over the past few years and an option to become part of the City came about three years ago.

“Overall this is much more sustainable,” said Interim Fire Chief Jeff Terpstra. “It’s a better partnership with our law partners.”

Terpstra is the last chief of the Greenfield Fire Protection District and the first chief of the Greenfield Fire Department. The department badges took some time to get to Greenfield, but they were finally able to be pinned on the firefighters last Tuesday evening in front of the City Council and community members.

“This is an honor in the fire service,” Terpstra said. “The pinning of the badge is a very important tradition.”

The badges were pinned on the firefighters by the chief, family members and their spouses.

After the badge pinning, the firefighters performed a salute to the fire chief and Assistant Chief John Sims. The last part of the pinning ceremony was ringing the bell, which signifies the acceptance of the call and coming to duty.

During the badge-pinning ceremony, 11 firefighters received badges.


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