Hartnell’s Soledad campus design moves forward

SOUTH COUNTY — Ideas are forming for what the future Soledad Satellite Campus for Hartnell College is going to look like.

The future campus will be located on Metz Road near Third Street and San Vicente, close to the Soledad Cemetery. The parcel is about eight acres.

"With the design that we've been working with, the campus will have its own feel to it," said Louie Vargas, who is working on the design. "We're trying to accommodate classrooms, labs and administrative."

The design plans feature parking areas, courtyards, future building site and future parking site. Four acres have been left for play fields at the campus.

"We're roughly about 16,500 square feet," said Vargas. "There are four classrooms, two labs and lab prep area."

A Community Room will be located to the left of the entrance and will be used as a possible classroom during the day, and community room during the evenings. The layout of each classroom for seating is still being looked at to determine what will serve the most students.

An area to study or complete homework assignments will be located in the Student Success Center.

The projected cost of the Soledad Satellite Campus is $11.4 million. The design team and Hartnell College are anticipating the start of building to occur in the fall of 2019. Construction should last between 12 and 14 months.

"We still have committee meetings, and we're meeting this week to discuss the next phase of building," Vargas said.

Hartnell College is also in the planning stages of expanding its King City campus, which will nearly double in size once completed over the next few years.

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