Greenfield teacher heads to Russia

David Post to present class on jazz singing

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GREENFIELD — Local music teacher David Post from Oak Avenue Elementary School in Greenfield will venture to Saint Petersburg, Russia, this month to present a workshop on jazz singing.

Post will be a guest lecturer at the J&M School in the city centre, which is the leading academy for jazz and musical theater studies there. He has worked with the company for the past six summers, teaching music workshops and directing such plays as “The Lion King” and “The Little Mermaid,” as well as performing with the Saint Petersburg Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra.

“I was invited to Saint Petersburg by a music student of mine who lived there half the year,” Post said. “One thing led to another, and now being there is a wonderful part of my life. The people are very kind and welcoming — I love it there.”

Post comes to Oak Avenue after having founded his own school of arts in Bellingham, Wash., of which he is director emeritus. He is also currently a festival judge for the California Music Educators Association. 

“I love Oak Avenue School. The kids, the staff — it’s great,” Post said. “The level of enthusiasm for music and doing the play there this year, it’s a blast.”

To hear Post’s music, visit his website

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