Council appoints Wood city manager

Supermajority vote for termination added to contract

GREENFIELD — Greenfield City Council has hired Paul Wood, the city’s director of administrative services, as the new Greenfield city manager.

Wood has been serving as interim city manager since June 15, when the council fired then city manager Jaime Fontes after passing a motion, 3-2, to terminate him without cause. Fontes held the position for just over a year.

At the Sept. 25 meeting, the council unanimously appointed Wood as city manager. Wood will now have a dual role with the city, as he will continue his duties as finance director in addition to being city manager. Per the employment agreement, his annual salary will be $240,000 with four weeks of vacation.

The council also approved an amendment to Wood’s agreement regarding termination. A 4/5 supermajority vote, requiring approval from four of the five council members, will now be required to terminate the city manager without cause, rather than a majority vote.


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