Council adopts budget

Full-time code enforcement officer among new hires

GREENFIELD — At its regular meeting last week, Greenfield City Council approved the city’s budget for fiscal year 2017-18, which contains funding for five additional employees, including a full-time code enforcement officer.

According to Administrative Services Director Jeri Corgill, the 2017-18 total budget of $18,091,000 will need to be adjusted at midyear since several new revenue projections are still unknown at this time. These include estimates related to revenues from Measure O (medical marijuana tax) and Measure C (parcel tax for a new city fire department) and expenses for the new fire department.

The current budget does not include anticipated tax revenues from cannabis business activity that may occur over the next year, but it does contain permitting fees from new business startups and from the construction of new facilities.

Corgill said an analysis of potential revenues from Measure O will be conducted during the next six months in collaboration with industry leaders who are developing projects in Greenfield. These estimates will be based on projects that plan to be operational by Jan. 1, 2018.

The city is anticipating an additional $1 million in annual permit fees from medical marijuana businesses that are ready to begin operating by next year.

An analysis of the transition of fire services to a city department will also take place. This report will include a five-year projection of revenues and costs to ensure long-term sustainability.

In anticipation of these new resources, the city will undertake another study with the assistance of staff to identify any current unmet departmental needs. This needs assessment will look at a three-year horizon for implementation and will help establish future priorities before new programs are considered.

Staff will return before the council in January with proposed budget changes based on the analysis, Corgill said.

These new resources, however, will help pay for five additional city employees: an IT administrator ($125,900), an administrative assistant at the police department ($64,000), two Public Works staff for the parks and streets divisions ($121,300) and a full-time code enforcement officer ($82,600).

Greenfield Police will also receive a few upgrades for the department. The budget contains funding for three new vehicles — one each for the police chief ($35,000) and the animal control officer ($50,000) and another to replace a patrol vehicle with high mileage ($67,000) — as well as a portable live scan machine ($20,000) and a suitable detention area in the police department ($70,000).

Additionally, the budget includes one employee salary increase — approved by the council at the meeting — for the science workshop coordinator, who previously had not received a raise for the past six years.

Two other recommended salary increases for the building official and administrative services director positions — originally included in the draft budget — were removed from the adopted budget per the council’s request. The pay raises will be reconsidered during the midyear review.

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