City of Greenfield limits use of official seal, logo

GREENFIELD — Using the City of Greenfield seal and logo will be limited going forward after a City Council vote on April 11.

The item was originally brought up by former Interim City Manager Robert “Bob” Perrault due to the seal and logo being used in an unauthorized manner.

“Bob felt that there was a desire to restrict the uses and allow only for the use of the seal or logo on all official City of Greenfield correspondence, marketing and property,” City Attorney Mary Lerner said.

The new restrictions would be under the addition of Chapter 2.38.01 to 2.38.02 in the Greenfield municipal code. The additional restriction adds a penalty of $100 for the improper use of the seal and logo.

“There could be industries using the City of Greenfield and especially the word ‘Green,’” Lerner said. “You could have vendors that want to use it or members of the public that would like to use it for certain things.”

The adoption of ordinance means that upon the second reading on April 25, using the logo and seal on documents made by vendors or the public would need the city manager’s approval prior to use.

“I think this would be a good way of protecting what we have,” Mayor Jesus OlveraGarcia said. “Either protecting the city’s logo or seal so that it isn’t being misused.”

Resident Irene Garcia said she loves the seal and is currently working on a community project and was hoping to adopt “The Heart of the Valley.”

“About two years ago I was thinking about ‘The Heart of the Valley’ because it fits in our valley, we are the heart of the Salinas Valley,” Garcia said. “That was one of the things that I wanted to use as far as on stationary. So I don’t know how this is going to effect what I’m doing.”

The ordinance talks about promotional use of the seal or logo, which could only be authorized by the city manager or their designee that are sold by the City of Greenfield for the purpose of promoting the city. Before use, the city manager or designee would need a plan describing the items that would contain the city seal or logo.

The second violation of improper use of the city seal or logo would be $200.

The ordinance was passed with a 3-0 vote with one abstention by Council Member Yanely Martinez.

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